Ranking the Stars UK


Experience a fantastic game and a good way to get to know your colleagues even better!
Play Ranking your Company via Karoline On Line, with our own Krijn or Karoline as a crazy quizmaster and your colleagues as celebrities. The game is based on the well-known television program “Ranking the Stars”, but fully adapted to play with colleagues.

In addition, various secrets may come to the table! And you’ll get to know yourself and your colleagues so much better. With excellent & exciting questions, you will find out what colleagues really think of each other.



On the basis of the lists filled in by colleagues, each colleague is “ranked”. Who is ALWAYS late? Who was sent out of class most often? And who regularly sleeps in the pub? When the game is over, all juicy details will be on the table. Something to remember for ever!



Of course, the quiz is completely tailor-made, you can choose from the fun and different variety of standard questions. But we can also add questions that suit your team. Isn’t that amazing?

About two weeks before the team event, all participants get a link from a secure digital environment where they can answer the questions. From the answers given we also make nice multiple choice questions and also use the given anecdotes. We’ll take care of the whole process.

This quiz is, as said before, hosted by Karoline On Line; with her razor-sharp tongue she certainly ensures a valuable interaction with the whole team! Slightly less hysterical? Then choose Krijn!



The more you know about your colleagues, the more points you score on the way to victory! At the end of this “Ranking your Company” you are guaranteed to know more about your colleagues than you ever dreamed of!

Ranking your Company always includes:
– Quizmaster Karoline On Line
– a lot of humor!

– Photographer
– instead of Karoline On Line as hostess: Krijn!
– A 3-course dinner

Karoline On Line
* Can be booked from a minimum of 10 people!
* Up to 14 people € 29.50 p/p (VAT included)
* From 15 people € 26.50 p/p (VAT included)
* Excluding travel and parking costs

* Can be booked from a minimum of 10 people!
* Up to 14 people € 26.00 p/p (VAT included)
* From 15 people € 24.50 p/p (VAT included)
* Excluding travel and parking costs

Ask for our large groups discount!

Don’t meet the criteria of 10 people? No problem, if you are willing to pay for the minimum amount of people, we will be happy to assist you!

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juni 7 @ 00:00 — augustus 31 @ 00:00


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