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Tired of boring parties? Give your guests a super fun party with the most hysterical Pub Quiz ever. I ensure that the evening will go by smoothly. It is anyway a super fun evening with a hilarious team game in a pub atmosphere! A quiz that doesn’t require a high IQ!


The quiz is not an exam and not a test, but a pleasant evening for your guests. The motto is: “Drinking beer is more important than winning, participating is more fun than sitting at home!”.

With the Pub Quiz you can prove that your team has the most knowledge on various topics. During the quiz, different categories will be covered, from history to sports and from general questions to music. However, it will not only remain with knowledge …



When did “googling” become an expression? How many times was Sylvio Berlusconi the Prime Minister of Italy? Where did Max Verstappen have his first Formula 1 victory? What is Willem Alexander’s nickname? And what is a Portuguese warship if it is not a boat? This is just a small selection of the wide range of questions!



Do you want a customized PubQuiz? In addition to the standard quiz, we also offer a wide range of unique alternatives. Customization is also possible; I provide a quiz that exactly matches your guests in terms of subjects and level of difficulty! The possibilities are endless.


Karoline’s PubQuiz always includes:
– Quizmaster Karoline On Line
– Speaker
– Attributes
– Nice prize for the winning team

– Photographer
– An excellent 3-course dinner
– Beverage arrangement
– Instead of Karoline On Line as Quizmaster: Krijn!

Karoline On Line
* Can be booked from a minimum of 10 people!
* Up to 14 people € 35,50 p / p (incl. VAT)
* From 15 people € 33,50 p / p (incl. VAT)
* Excluding travel and parking costs

* Can be booked from a minimum of 10 people!
* Up to 14 people € 29,50 p / p (incl. VAT)
* From 15 people € 27,50 p / p (incl. VAT)
* Excluding travel and parking costs

* Ask about our large groups discount!
* Are you not coming to 10 people? No problem, if you are willing to pay for the minimum amount, you can just book!

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